الأربعاء، 6 يوليو 2011

advice to all my friend about friendship

Old Friend are Gold

New Friend are Diamond

If you get a Diamond don`t forget the gold

because to hold a diamond,

you always need a base of Gold

all my friends the meaning is amportant

الثلاثاء، 5 يوليو 2011

description of my feeling

flowers are very soft

do not touch them with hard hands


feelings are like soft flowers

do not touch them with harsh words

loving .... and .... forgetting

never say goodbye when you still want to try

never give up when you still feel you can taki it

never say you don`t love a person when you can`t let go!

It for you ....>>my best friend<<....,D

thank God I found you
I was lost without you
my every wish and every dream
somehow became reality
when you brought the sunlight
completed my whole life
I`m overwhelmed with graditude
cause baby I`m so thankful I found you
I will gave you everything
there`s nothing in this world I wouldn`t do
to ensure your happiness
I`ll cherish every part of you
cause without you beside me I can`t survive
Don`t wanna try
If you keeping me warm each and every night
I`ll be allright
cause I need you in my life

الجمعة، 18 مارس 2011

I Miss You

I miss the beautiful eyes that I can sail through forever.
 I miss the smile that send me to heaven
I miss the mouth that says the loveliest words.
 I miss the hair that every woman is envious of
I miss the touch that comforts me in times of despair
I miss every part of a second I spent with you
I miss the laugh that I rejoice at
I miss the tears that call on me to wash
I miss the smell! Oh, that pleasant odor
I miss you far and even more when you are near.
I miss the letters that you wrote
I miss that words you repeat
I miss the first time when you said you loved me.
I miss the times when I had to apologize for being unkind to you
I miss the times when you forgive me
I miss the colors that you like because I don't see them anymore.
I miss the place where we sat and talked till dawn.
I miss your **** so much. I repeat it to myself everyday!!
I miss the dreams that we dreamt of.
 I miss the hopes that we hoped together
I miss the wishes you made for me.
I miss the gifts you gave me!
I miss the kindness that no one else can show!!
I miss the happiness you can bring!
I miss the heart that was so big that it can love the whole world.
I miss the sweet voice that heals my wounds.
I miss everything about you!
Now that you are dead, I don't know if could go on! I don't know if I could live or die!! I cried so long that I blinded myself!! Alas!!!!! Could you be back! I guess not!Days passes me by and they seem like ages! I don't feel anymore! I can't hear anymore!! I can't smell anymore! Life has no taste!! Darkness prevails! But what keeps me holding myself together is only one thing:
 YOU DIED LOVING ME over you for